What we have to say . . .


"Our possibilities are endless which can move creativity in new and wonderful ways."

"Join our art quilt journey."

"We want our visitors to interact with us."

"We're on our route to creativity."

". . . freedom to express."

"I love the mystery of where my imagination will take me."

"Creating something from nothing more than an idea and fabric is challenging and exhilarating. "

"Conveying emotion to the viewer through images and clues." 

"Educate our  viewers to really look at our quilts."

"As we tell our story, each quilter tells it differently."

"Our choice is to use fabric rather than paint or pencils."

"We want viewers to share thoughts about what they are seeing."

"What do our viewers think about cities:  tell us."

"Each of us is using a favorite pattern/method for our images."

"Enjoy the variety this group of stitchers provide."